Friday, October 17, 2014

So long Ohio...

Back in August when we moved up to Wisconsin, our house in Ohio had not sold.  We had a couple of offers but nothing ever closed.  We decided to leave our house, furnished with all of our belongings, instead of having the movers come and put everything in storage. (since the house here will not be ready until the end of October.)  Thankfully my sweet friend and neighbor, Sarah, kept a close eye on the house.  This helped us out tremendously!

Finally, after several offers, our house sold.  Kevin's parents came up last Monday to help with the kids so we could head back to meet the movers.   To ease the chaos, we brought Leyton with us.  I think, well, I actually know, Leyton loved having all of our attention.  Yep, he was a little spoiled.

I will admit, the days leading up to the move, I was extremely anxious for many reasons.  But as we were driving through Indiana we spotted a rainbow which reminded me that God was watching over us.  

Thankfully when we arrived at the house, everything was in great shape.

Early Wednesday morning, the movers arrived to pack up the house.

This crew was fantastic!  Actually, one of them was one of our movers that moved us in 5 years ago.  They had the entire house packed in one day.  As I said, Leyton was loving the attention he played basketball, baseball, trucks, you name it he played it.


My friend Christa came over to visit with us and while she was over, we cleaned out my garden. Surprisingly,  I had tons of herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and lots of sweet potatoes!

I must say, I am going miss my little garden but I have big plans for the new house garden.

Thursday evening, the moving truck was packed and they headed off to Michigan until we move into the new house.  Funny to think all of your material possessions can fit into one truck.


Friday, we cleaned and did one final walk through before saying our goodbyes.

And just like that, this chapter in Ohio is officially over, praying for new beginnings and blessings in Wisconsin.  One last family picture before we leave…minus two boys.

Thanks for the memories Ohio!

"For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1

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