Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 47}

Week 47 recap….

Leton's daily excitement, the cows.{November 19}

Another tooth bites the dust and we are singing "All I want for Christmas is my TWO front teeth, my TWO front teeth, see my TWO front teeth!" {November 20}

Today I am thankful for this little ball of energy.  He is into everything but he is also so very smart.  Every time he sits down to eat, he folds his hands to pray.  {lots of peeking involved but he is learning and understanding more and more each day.  {November 21}

Trying to stay it's warm banana chocolate chip bread and hot cocoa for after school snacks.  {November 22}

I am freezing and they are at it again.  {November 23}

Last night I put the Christmas tree together and added lights but did not decorate.  This morning, that boys woke up and were mesmerized even though there were no decorations.  I love this time of year. {November 24}

Definitely feels more like Christmas as we head into the Thanksgiving service at school.
{November 25}

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 46}

Week 46….

And so it begins….{November 12}

Turkeys for my three turkeys. {November 13}

This is how we roll on Friday night.  Family Skate Night at the boys school. {November 14}

A perfect beginning to Saturday. {November 15}

My funny little side kick.{November 16}

My early riser admiring the new fallen snow. {November 17}

The pond across the street from our house is already completely frozen!  Let the winter games begin. {November 18}

Monday, November 17, 2014

Halloween 2014

October 31st was a BUSY day! First we closed on our house at 9:00 and officially became residents of the state of Wisconsin.

After closing we had to rush back to the corporate apartment to get our final things and clean before 12:00 (noon).  It was a mad dash!  Finally we made it over to our new but empty house.  That night we went Trick-or -Treating in our new neighborhood and let me tell you, I had never seen more kids and families out in my entire life.

And here was the out take…

Every house was decorated to the nines and since it was a really cold Halloween, several houses were offering hot chocolate and cider.  It really was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast despite the cold temperatures.


Even though our Halloween was crazy busy, not to mention, the fact that we camped out at the new house in our sleeping bags, nothing like an adventure right.  Halloween 2014 was fun and definatly a memorable one.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pumpkin Carving

Life has been a little busy with the move so bear with me as I try to play catch up.

Halloween would not be the same without carving a pumpkin.  So we all gathered in our little apartment floor and carved our best ninja turtle pumpkin.

Leyton was really into "being in the middle of the action."  Rylan was our little carver.

And after a couple of adjustments, here was a our final Ninja Turtle Pumpkin.

I was already informed that next year each boy gets their own pumpkin…love how they love to plan.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 45}

Week 45….
Winter baseball practice has begun.  {November 5}

After school snacks…Gobble Gobble. {November 6}

Lots of playing at the park before the Arctic blast hits us tomorrow. {November 7}

I'll admit, living in the middle of dairyland does have its advantages.  These old school bottles are my personal favorite.  You take a full bottle of milk, then bring back the empty glass bottle for a refill the next time you shop.  Fun and fresh from the farm. {November 8}

It's a cold but beautiful Sunday. {November 9}

After lots of begging, I gave in and let the boys ride the bus home from school.  I suppose that it helped that their bus was only for kids that live in our neighborhood and the fact that we live less than 2 miles from school did not hurt either.  {November 10}

All aglow. {November 11}

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 44}

Enjoying this gorgeous fall day at the park. {October 29}

Pumpkin carving.{October 30}

We are officially homeowners in the state of Wisconsin! {October 31}

Even after 2 months on Central time zone, this little guy still thinks it is a great idea to wake up at 5:00 am.  This morning, he decided to to take over our bed and go back to sleep.  Just wish I could have joined him. {November 1}

No furniture yet, but we have coffee.{November 2}

One advantage of having no furniture or curtains is seeing these beautiful sun rises each morning.{November 3}

A glimpse of our village. {Don't you just love the old school crossing guards}  Welcome to Mayberry.{November 4}

Everyday Joys {Week 43}

A week recap..

I asked Holden to watch Leyton in the bathtub while I went to get a towel.  When I came back, it was a party in the tub. {October 22}

Hoping these donuts this morning keep our builders on track. 10 days and counting. {October 23}

The farmers are working late in the fields and the most beautiful October sunset.{October 24}

Pumpkins, games, food haunted maze, music and new friends…it's safe to say these Super Heroes had a blast at their school Fall Festival. {October 25}

Flag Football Champions. {October 26}

Just a typical day with our wild bunch! {October 27}

A beautiful beginning to a busy week. {October 28}