Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 45}

Week 45….
Winter baseball practice has begun.  {November 5}

After school snacks…Gobble Gobble. {November 6}

Lots of playing at the park before the Arctic blast hits us tomorrow. {November 7}

I'll admit, living in the middle of dairyland does have its advantages.  These old school bottles are my personal favorite.  You take a full bottle of milk, then bring back the empty glass bottle for a refill the next time you shop.  Fun and fresh from the farm. {November 8}

It's a cold but beautiful Sunday. {November 9}

After lots of begging, I gave in and let the boys ride the bus home from school.  I suppose that it helped that their bus was only for kids that live in our neighborhood and the fact that we live less than 2 miles from school did not hurt either.  {November 10}

All aglow. {November 11}

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