Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Tennessee Thanksgiving

Over the river and through the woods to Grandaddy's house we go…

Early Wednesday morning we set out for Tennessee  It was a long drive but the kids did great, even Leyton did well.

Once we were there, the kids were off and running.  Something about my Grandaddy's house they just love.

 After leaving the snow in Wisconsin, we were hoping for warmer weather but no such luck.  However, our boys acted like it was 75 degrees and were outside the entire time.

Thanksgiving everyone was in the kitchen cooking and it would not be Thanksgiving without a small oven fire.  Nothing actually burned burned but the brown sugar topping somehow overflowed.


Thankfully, everything was saved and dinner was served.

My Grandaddy embraced the craziness of all the great grandchildren running in and out of the house.

Black Friday were opted not to go shopping but we did make these cute Grinch Christmas Trees after my cousin Wesley posted the tutorial on the Design Network.


The boys were in full force playing once again.  And no trip Tennessee would be complete without visiting the lights at Rose of Sharon.

Saturday morning we were on the road again but were thankful for our time spent with family and counting our blessing.  Happy Thanksgiving.

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