Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas School Program

It's that time of year again for Christmas carols and sweet school concerts.  Since this is our first year at the boys school we were a little unsure of what to expect of the concert.  Holden and Rylan both told me that they had been rehearsing songs and even gave me a nightly sample from time to time.  So I knew we were in for a treat.

As I was dropping the kids off with their teachers, I caught a glimpse of how well they had adjusted to their new school and their new friends.  Seriously, look at this crew


…future politicians.  Holden was giggling with friends as well.

The set design was made by the 6th graders and I think they did a fantastic job.  This program was different from the ones we were used to. In between grades, a narrator would tell a little bit of the story of the Night before Christmas before each grade would sing.  First up, Rylan's kindergarten class.


Sorry for the distance, we sat closer to the back just incase Leyton needed to run around.  But you can still see Rylan singing his little heart out.  Holden's 3rd grade class was shortly after.  As you can see, Holden takes his performance a little more seriously.


The closing songs told of the birth of Christ and all the little angels sang his praises.

This was a first of many school concerts together with these two brothers.

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