Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 51}

Weekly recap:

I had some extra gingerbread dough from last night so I thought the boys would get a kick out of these Ninja Gingerbread Men.  Life with boys. {December 17}

The littlest baker. {December 18}

Spanish, Computer, PE, Music and Library teacher cookie boxes are ready for tomorrow's delivery.  Rylan added the school janitor today because as the boys told me, "Mom, he helps everyone."{December 19}

Hot chocolate is ready, tickets have been handed out and bells are for those who must be Polar Express Night at our house.  {December 20}

Rylan has worn his Santa hat everywhere; the grocery during the movie tonight and now to bed.  It's the magic of Christmas.  {December 21}

We had our annual North Pole Breakfast this morning.  As you can see, someone could not wait to get his little hands on Rudolph.  {December 22}

Snow is falling and all of the neighborhood kids are gathering st the pond.  This really is a different lifestyle for us but the kids absolutely love it.  {December 23}

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