Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Everyday Joys {Week 52}

Here a recap of the last week of 2014!!!

Candlelight service and Christmas Eve excitement! {December 24}

Toys are all over the family room and my house is a disaster.  However, cleaning can wait until tomorrow because I believe we are all in what I like to call a Christmas coma.  Merry Christmas y'all!{December 25}

Ice skating with this crazy crew! {December 26}

After all the sweets this week, it's a much needed salad kind of night. {December 27}

Our church is hosting a "worship where you are" experience this Sunday.  So instead of rushing around getting kids dressed and out the door on time, it was pajamas, coffee and Sunday morning church at home.  {December 28}

The boys have decided that the view of the Capital glass ceiling looks better laying on the floor.

There were tons of fearless kids, including my own, but my niece Allie and I survived skating at the Ice Pond.  {December 29}

Life in a small Wisconsin town.  {December 30}


Cheers!  Happy New Year!!{December 31}

A year of Everyday Joys complete!  Looking forward to 2015 and many more memories and joys! 

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