Friday, December 5, 2014

Look who's 2!!

This time two years ago, Leyton entered the world.  Who would have thought this time would past by so quickly.  Seriously, I feel like it was yesterday and we were being released from the hospital.  Sure these past two years have been chaotic but Leyton has brought so much joy to our family.  He is a typical wild toddler and is into everything but he is also the most lovable little guy.  His expressions and excitement are contagious especially on his birthday.

When we were trying to decide what we should do for his birthday the boys came up with his pizza and cake.  Simple but for this two year old, it was perfect.  Kevin was going to be out of town on his actual birthday so we celebrated a day early.  Leyton did not seem to mind.  It was only appropriate that I make his favorite thing in the entire world…a baseball cake.  Just look at this sweet face.

After cake it was time for gifts.

Again, look at this sweet expression…. I am sure you can hear him saying ohhhh, ahhhh.

The Dusty plane was a HUGE hit as was his little train set.  Yes, TWO is a busy stage but it is also so much fun as well.  And just in a matter of seconds, Leyton was on the counter helping himself to more cake.  I suppose you only turn 2 once, why not celebrate.

Tuesday morning, the birthday boy had pancakes and balloons to celebrate his big day.

Happy Birthday Leyton I am sure this next year will be an exciting one!!

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