Sunday, December 21, 2014

North Pole Breakfast 2014

I decided to kick off the kids Christmas break with our annual North Pole Breakfast.   Each year I give the boys their Christmas pajamas.  This year I found some that everyone would love.  Look closely and you can see they are Star Wars Christmas.

The candy canes are lightsabers, R2D2 is dressed in Christmas stripes and Yoda is wearing a Christmas hat!  Holden asked me a couple of weeks ago not to make hime wear elf pajamas so when I found these I knew he would not mind dressing like his brothers on Christmas Eve {and I was correct.}  For our breakfast I made Rudolph pancakes and Santa hats.


As you can see, someone could not wait to get his little hands on Rudolph.

Every year we look forward to this annual breakfast, not because of the food but because it means Christmas Day is right around the corner.  

It was only fitting with our North Pole breakfast that the snow would begin to fall outside.   Holden and Rylan spent most of the day on the pond ice skating with the neighborhood kids.

 This defiantly is a different lifestyle for us but the boys absolutely love it and I have to admit that snow during the Christmas season is magical.

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