Sunday, December 14, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree…

Several years ago we began a family tradition of cutting down our own Christmas tree.  Last year we skipped going because of the weather so we knew we did not want to miss this year.  After church we loaded up the kids and headed to the farm.  Since this has been a bit of a hectic year, we are trying to keep Christmas simple and enjoy family time together.

As soon as we arrive and put on our snow gear, we were off to explore the barn.

We loaded up on the wagon and went in search for the perfect tree.

Finally we settled on one.  The boys helped and back off to the barn we went with our prize tree.


The boys played while the tree being loaded up.

Well, as we all should know, what looks perfect in the fields, does not always look perfect at home.  This poor tree leans, has tons of gaps, it almost makes me think we picked up the wrong tree but oh well.  Everyone loves a little character.  The kids decorated with all of their ornaments that had made over the years and had to know every backstory to each!

But as they finished they declared, "This is the best tree ever!"  And there you have it….Christmas memories.

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