Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A reflection back on 2014

Happy New Year!  Now that we are a few days into 2015 I thought I would share my thoughts on this past year, 2014, and my hopes for this new year.  Here we go…

What a year 2014 ended up being.  It was a year of changes, new beginnings, goodbyes, a year of taking risks, going with the flow, an unsettling year, an adventurous year, an emotional year, but I think the best words to describe 2014, it was fun and exhausting.   To recap, we moved once again.  I personally do not mind change, I like adventure and trying new things but for some reason this past move really was hard for me.  Maybe it was the fact that it took forever to get the house on the market.  Anyone who has been through a company relocation, you can relate.  Lots of paperwork, assessments, appraisals, just to get the house listed.  As soon we listed the house, Kevin moved.  Which meant it was just me and the kids.  Since Kevin travels, I am used to managing everything by myself but add having to keep the house immaculate with three boys…exhausting!  Our timing with listing the house was not that great either.  Where we lived there were tons of homes listed in the same price range and not a whole lot of buyers.  Go figure.  Fast forward a couple of weeks, we decided to leave all of our belongings and move to Madison before school started.  Again, after our last move with the boys we learned it is better to just leave than to linger.  Especially with Holden and Rylan both being school age.  We wanted them to start when everyone else did.  With that said, packed some clothes to get us through a couple of weeks and moved into the Residence Inn with Kevin.  Yes, all FIVE of us in a one bedroom hotel room.  Let's just say, exhausting.  I swear it was all of a sudden all three boys decided not to sleep…EVER.  I almost thought they were having a conversation each day to decide who would wake up from 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6.  Finally after a week, we moved into a corporate apartment with more room but again our kids decided not to sleep!  Looking back, I know a lot of this was anxiety of not being settled and the unknown of school, friends and so forth.  But at the time I was really questioning this move.  To add to the stress, the boys started school at one school but after two weeks into the school year, there was lots of crying and lots of red flags that I knew the school was not the right fit for the kids or our family.  I quickly pulled them out on a Friday back in September and they started a new school on the following Monday.  I can honestly say, it was the best decision I have ever made.  I went back and forth with myself about waiting a year and seeing if it got better but then I woke up one morning and knew I had to change them.  After their first week at their new school, it was like night and day.  They were both back to their happy crazy selfs!  While all of this was going on, the house in Ohio finally sold!  We travelled back in October to meet the movers and say our goodbyes.  I was not sad about moving but the thought of leaving familiar things such as our routine was sad and scary for me.  Silly, I know. But I will admit, I loved my routine of the gym, MOPS, church, friends, our doctors, shopping, and so forth.  The actual move, did not bother me, however, saying goodbye to the familiar, was scary.  But as we all know, moving does not always go as smooth as you plan. No matter how well you plan.  One thing I kept reminding myself through this whole process, is that in the big scheme of things, it really does not matter.   We are all healthy and together,  that is all that really matters and all this other "stuff" are just minor problems. This is a hard lesson for a person who likes to have a plan.

Now that we have been in our house for almost 2 months, it is slowly starting to feel like home.  I am still hanging pictures and decorating but I know I will continue to do that forever.  It is not perfect but for now, I know it is where we are meant to be.  I suppose it is all a part of God's big plan for us.  Do I think it is forever?  Honestly, I do not know.  I do know that the boys absolutely LOVE it here.  Sure we had our bumps in the road but they both have made lots of friends and have adjusted beautifully.  We have a pond in front of our house which has provided countless hours of entertainment.  Their determination to learn to ice skate is remarkable.  Our village that I love to call "Mayberry" is slowly starting to growing on me as well.  We, as a family have decided to embrace the winter sports…skating, skiing, tubbing, hockey, ice fishing… otherwise I think we will go stir crazy.  Oh what an adventure it is and has been!

Some things that I have learned about myself this past year:

- I have learned that sometimes people who you think are your friends, turn out not to be your friends at all.  And that is OK.  There is a poem that says you have people that come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime and once you figure out which they are, you will know exactly what to do.
- It's ok to say NO. A friend of mine sent me a card that said, "Stop me before I volunteer."  So true!  I admit sometimes I take on more than I should and it is ok to say no.
- I do not require much sleep, just lots of coffee!
- Sometimes the best plans are ones you do not plan.
- I love seeing the sunrise each morning with my little man. Have I mentioned that our new house has the best views?  Well, it does.
- I have learned sometimes you just have to go with the flow.  I admit, I am a planner, I like routine, schedules, organization but this past year has taught me that going with the flow sometimes is best.
- I have learned to allow myself grace.  Getting settled takes time, getting involved, takes time, making friends, takes time.  I gave myself until January before I signed up for anything for myself like MOPS, Mommy & Me classes for Leyton and so on.  Now that January is here, we are busy and out and about.
- It's ok to make mistakes.  There is a quote that says, "If you are not making mistakes, then you are not trying."  A lot of my life lessons have come from mistakes.
- I love ice skating myself, who knew?!
- I enjoy snow, for a day or two.  I said this in Ohio as well.
- One of the main lesson I've learned over this past year is that life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.  I think sometimes it is easy to get caught up in what you think your life should look like that you miss your perfect life you have now.  My 2015 resolution is to be grateful for this life we have built.

I am sure I could list more but those are just a few that come to mind.

As I look forward to 2015, I know that new beginnings are scary and exciting all in one.   This year I am going to embrace our simpler life, embrace the chaos that our three boys bring and most of all embrace this season of our lives.  I am going to continue our weekly "Everyday Joys" to help appreciate this time with our crazy bunch.  (I have a couple of weeks to catch up on from 2014…I am a little behind)  So there you have it…saying goodbye to 2014 and hello 2015.  Looking forward to happiness, health, adventures, love and lots of laughter this year.  Happy 2015!

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