Friday, January 2, 2015

The day after Christmas...

The day after Christmas is almost as much fun as Christmas Day.  The boys enjoyed playing with their toys and even took the time to teach Leyton how to play his fishing game.

Since it was the last day for Kevin's family to be in town, we decided to go out and about.  I was eager to check out a new ice skating rink that had opened downtown  Thankfully, everyone was excited too.

The ice rink is attached to The Edgewater Hotel and the views are pretty spectacular.


You have the Capital on one side and the lake on the other.


It was decorated for Christmas and as you can imagine, packed.  I think everyone had the same idea for some family fun.  The boys have really picked up skating these past couple of weeks and absolutely love it.

Kevin did not last long on the ice but everyone else did.


I was having fun until I fell but after I laughed, I got back up and skated more.  Really, my fall was pretty funny.  A little girl was showing out and cutting in front of me and instead of running her over, I fell.   I was not the only one that fell, there was a group of men and she made one fall and 5 others fell followed.  But we all survived and had fun.

After we hung up our skates we toured Camp Randall {University of Wisconsin football stadium}

Kevin is embracing the Wisconsin lifestyle and their love for their teams!

Such a fun filled day after Christmas.

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