Tuesday, January 6, 2015

More Visitors and Adventures...

We have had a busy couple of weeks with visitors.  After Kevin's parents left on the 27th, my sister, Clif and my niece Allie came to visit on the 28th.  Here is a recap of our adventures while they were here…

Every visit to Madison has to have a stop to the Capital.  I was hoping to see the tree before they took it down but we just missed it.

We toured the Capital and the boys decided the floor was the best way to view the glass ceiling.


We were planning on walking around downtown however, my sister was not used to our frigid Wisconsin temperatures.  So we opted for a car tour instead.

We stopped at one of the local shops for Wisconsin cheese and beer.

Our local ice skating rink had open skating from 1-3 so we decided to check it out.  It was pack full of fearless kids, including my own!  But Allie and I survived kids skating full speed into each other and others who thought it was speed skating competition.

As if we did not have enough of the cold and ice, Kevin, Holden, Rylan, Clif and Allie went to see the Madison Capitals play.

This was Holden's and Rylan's first hockey game and Kevin said the boys were on the edge of their seats.

New Years Eve we made plans to ski and tube at Cascade Mountain.  However, when Allie woke up that morning she was not feeling well and not to mention the wind chill was below zero.  Instead, we decided to go bowling so that Allie could rest.  This was Leyton's first time bowling so you know I just had to document the occasion.  Our bowling ally is one you would think of in a typical Midwestern/Northern town.

It has a restaurant attached which is a huge hangout for locals and families. And match that with New Years Eve afternoon…again, it was packed.  But we arrived just before the crowd finished eating so we snatched two lanes.  Ok, brace yourself, have you every seen anything cuter in all of your life!  They had little bowling shoes for Leyton!

Completely adorable.  Here's a picture before we started.

Holden and Rylan wanted to help Leyton but after a couple of tries he knew what to do.

Everyone had so much fun.

I do not know when the last time I bowled or the kids for that matter.  But we will definatly be coming back soon. We had a blast.

When we came home, the boys bundled up and went out to the pond.  Who knew they would love it so much?!  Clif went out to join them and had just as much fun.  I think his next visit he will be skating around with them.

New Years Eve night consisted of pizza and champagne.  I know exciting nights here in Mayberry.


New Years Day we started off with a celebration breakfast before we said our goodbyes.

A busy couple of weeks but lots of fun with family.

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