Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sunday, fun day.

Sundays after church are usually our down days to get things down around the house before starting a new week.  This past Sunday was much of the same; church, a quick trip to Target on the way home, laundry and so forth.  But after Leyton's nap we all headed out to the pond in front of our house.  Seriously, this pond has brought countless hours of entertainment.  Holden and Rylan are getting pretty good on their skates.

While I was out this week,  I bought Leyton a pair of skates.  I know you maybe questioning my parenting but they are adjustable and he will be able to use them for the next couple of years.

We did not let go of him but just helped him get used to wearing skates and working on his balance.  Just look at his sweet face…pure joy.

We pushed him around and he just loved it.  The boys were playing their version of hockey and after lots of begging, Kevin gave in and laced up his skates.

All I can say is thank goodness we have insurance!  He looks a little nervous but he did well.  The boys played with their friends, skated and had the best time enjoying our new lifestyle.

We stayed out until the sun set on this fun day.

Rylan said at bedtime,  "This was the best day ever."  That is his way of saying he had a fun day.  Sundays are quickly turning into our fun days.

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