Thursday, February 26, 2015

Crafting with a toddler {Mosaic Paper Creations and a Sensory Surprise}

This week for our craft day we did two different activities.  The first one involved glue sticks and paper.  What is more fun than glueing?! I cut out several little pieces of paper and tried to show Leyton how to glue the pieces of paper to the big paper to make a picture.  But soon I learned that Leyton just loves to glue.

He did finally get the hang of placing the small pieces of paper on the glue to make a picture but in the meantime I got a kick out of just watching him try to get it off his hands!


Next, I had some brown rice leftover from Holden's school project that I thought we would make a sensory container with it.  I put some little trucks in there as well.  Leyton loved it!

I do mean he loved it!  He sat in the floor playing, spooning rice in the dump trucks, driving his little trucks and just feeling the rice.


Now when he was digging some rice fell on the floor, he quickly got up and grabbed his vacuum cleaner to clean up.


Oh, I have taught this boy well.  Once everything was cleaned he went back to playing.

I knew it was only a matter of time before he realized, wait, I can pour the rice on the floor for more fun.  And that is just what he did!


But look at that face...JOY!  So even though I may be finding rice for the next couple of days, it well worth the smiles on this little guys face!

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