Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Crafting with a Toddler {Painting}

Last week for our crafting day, we painted.  At first I thought about finger painting but then I decided to use watercolors instead.  Don't worry, it was just as much fun.

I set everything up for Leyton and just let him experiment.  Well wouldn't you know, he knew exactly what to do.

I showed him how to dip his paint brush in the water, then into the paint, then on the paper....oh the excitement!


Leyton maybe "busy" but he loves life!  Everything is exciting to him.  As he was painting, he rolled up his sleeves, which I thought was hilarious because Rylan used to do the exact same thing.

Leyton decided that painting was fun but hey, lets see what this color looks like on me...

 Lots of fun painting and here is his masterpiece he created.

Oh the joys of a toddler!  Our craft days are making our winter a little more bearable not to mention lots of fun memories that are being made.  

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