Thursday, February 26, 2015

Everyday Joys {Week 8}

Week 8 of our Everyday Joys included snow, food, and did I mention snow.  Here is a recap of our week:

Finally Albert Einstein is complete!  {I wish I could say the same about the presentation but we will tackle that over the weekend.}  Small 3rd grade victories.  {February 19}

Little slugger.  {February 20}

Afternoon ice skating with these three.  {February 21}

Channeling my Southern roots this morning.  {February 22}

Fresh out of the bath, Leyton still loves to be wrapped up in a towel.  This is just before he does nightly runs down the hall naked.  But for a brief 5 seconds, he is completely edible.  {February 23}

See that snowball...well, I have a feeling that it is coming straight towards me.  {February 24}

Warm muffins on a cold morning.  Happy Wednesday! {February 25}

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