Wednesday, February 4, 2015

More Snow and Superbowl Sunday

Sunday morning we woke up to our first Wisconsin snow storm.  I am not talking a few inches of snow, I am talking lots of snow and not to mention 30+ mile winds.  It was brutal.  We opted not to even attempt to drive to church, which later we heard that they cancelled the later services,  but instead we snuggled up, made caramel rolls and had home church.   Kind of a perfect Sunday morning.

The boys had been wanting to tryout a new sledding hill so we all got dressed in our snow gear and piled in the car.  Well, you would have thought that when we could not get out of our driveway due to the snow we would have seen that as a sign but no, we shoveled and headed to the snow hill anyways.  Again, against our better judgement and after living in the Midwest for 5 years we would have known that this was more than just a "snow shower".  Just look at the boys fighting the wind!

 They could barely hold on to their sleds much less sled.  So we packed it up and head back to our warm home.  Once again, Kevin and I will not be winning parent of the year.  Sledding was a bust but oh the stories we can tell from our adventure in the blizzard.

When we finally made it back home, the boys helped Kevin shovel the driveway.

However, the snow keep falling all afternoon and at one point it was a complete whiteout.

Good thing we had no where to go.  For the Superbowl, we made sliders and enjoyed football food, especially football brownies.

You know those are a family favorite around here.

We all snuggled it for the game and Leyton could not take his eyes off the tv during the halftime show except to dance.

Snow, snuggles and football, not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

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