Monday, February 2, 2015

Two Peas in a Pod

I have said this many times, our boys are like peas in a pod.  One day I think it is Holden and Rylan but lately, it has been Rylan and Leyton.  First of all these two snack ALL the time together!  They are constantly in the pantry.  These two are also very mischievous!  Not so much in a naughty way but more in a busy way.  As I posted in our "Everyday Joys" Rylan was a little too quiet when he came in with full football gear on and had dress Leyton too.  Here is a little more from that day.  Just look at how Leyton looks at Rylan in such awe and also with a little like what in the world is this kid up too.

But then look at both Rylan and Leyton looking at Holden in such awe listening to how they are suppose to throw the football.  

Sure they most definitely keep me on my toes but all three keep me laughing as well.  Wouldn't you?  Just look at these faces and the daily chaos.

 Oh but these two, I mean three, peas in a pod.

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