Thursday, March 5, 2015

Basketball Season

And just like that, basketball season has come to an end. This was a much shorter season than we are used to but the kids had fun and were able to get their energy out during the winter.  Rylan's league did not play games like we did with Upward but instead they ran drills and scrimmaged.  Not exactly what we were expecting but we are still learning our new area.  He did receive a medal for participation and was pretty happy about that.

Holden's league played games but they did not practice.  Again, not the format we are used to but we just went with the flow.  Here are some pictures from Holden's last game.

So there you have it, another season complete.

Now, onto Spring for Holden and soccer and baseball for Rylan.  I am hoping for WARMER weather as well!!!  Wishful thinking I know but it does not hurt to think ahead to spring and summer does it?!

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