Sunday, March 15, 2015

Everyday Joys {Week 10}

This week we spent most of our afternoons outside and absolutely loved every minute of it.

These brother are loud and full of giggles today.  {March 5}

Fridays are made for homemade pop tarts and sprinkles. TGIF! {March 6}

The big thaw has begun and I could not be happier! {March 7}

Our lawn boy is on a mission to meet the little girls who lives a few houses down from us. {Heaven help us.} {March 8}

50's and sunshine, we'll take it. {March 9}

Leyton agrees, it is a beautiful day for the park.  {March 10}

It's a back porch swinging kind of day.  {March 11}

Lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures made for a wonderful week of everyday joys.

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