Friday, March 6, 2015

Everyday Joys {Week 9}

A recap of our week...

Hut, Hut Go! {February 26}

"Mom, it looks like the sky is on fire!"  {This was the sunrise this morning.  No filter and crazy beautiful!} {February 27}

The Ice Pond had free "Learn to Play Hockey" lessons this afternoon.  And since it is freezing here, we tried it out. Holden and Rylan absolutely loved it, not to mention, I have two exhausted boys.  {February 28}

My morning view. {March 1}

Mondays are rough.  {March 2}

Rylan put a jersey over Leyton's snowsuit so that he would look like a hockey player...just like him. {Twins} {March 3}

After searching several picture albums, I could not find the baby picture I was looking for to wish my sister a very happy birthday.  So this little jewel will just have to do.  Happy Birthday Kimberly, I love you with all my heart! xoxo{March 4}

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