Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hockey Players???

When we told the boys we were moving to Wisconsin they both asked if they could play hockey.  Kevin and I both answered with our standard, "We will see." Honestly, I figured once they were on the ice and skated a few times, they would give up.  Well, who knew that we would have a pond in front of our house that they could practice on anytime and who also knew that they would be determined to teach themselves how to skate?  Definitely not me.  But day in and day out, both Holden and Rylan have pushed themselves, and each other, to skate better, faster and more under control .  So when I saw that our local ice skating rink was offering a free "Learn to Play Hockey" session, I registered the boys.  They were both so excited.  When we got there, the coaches from the local teams were helping dress the kids out in full hockey gear.  Seriously, if you could have seen their faces!  It was a cross between excitement, nervousness, and oh, I am so cool.


Once in full gear, they headed for the ice.  There were several drills from going in and out of cones, to handling the hockey sticks before they scrimmaged.

As you can see, both boys did phenomenal.  I am not just saying this because I am their Mom but from just learning to ice skate to a hockey scrimmage, I was impressed.  Rylan made several goals and would wave to us in the stands and Holden when he made a goal, he was a little more proud of himself and did a knee up, elbow back, "Yes". Pretty funny.

At the end of the two hour lesson, our kids raced other players and when the boys exited the ice, not only were they a sweaty mess but they were grinning from ear to ear.  I think it is safe to say they LOVED it.

But as far as signing them up for a team, we are still not sure if it will fit into our schedule of all the other sports that they want and love to play.  But as I have learned, never say never.   Kevin and I both agree that we are thankful that the boys are willing to try new things, they are constantly active and that they love pushing each other to do better, try harder, and be a better player.  Not just in hockey, but in all sports and in life.

I am certain before too long Leyton will be right in the mix of things too.

I suppose these three will keep us young, active and exhausted!

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