Saturday, April 4, 2015

Day 3: Hollywood Studios, Jedi Training and Epcot

Day 3 on our trip to Disney, we made plans to spend the day at Hollywood Studios.  Before going, I saw that they had a Star Wars Jedi Training Program.  I knew the boys would love this.  After researching, I saw that this program was a first come first serve basis.  Which meant we were at Hollywood Studios before they opened.

As we were waiting for the park to open, I saw a family completely decked out in Star Wars gear and get this, they had walkie talkies talking about how they needed to run to get in line.  I looked at Kevin and told him, that was the family to beat for the sign up, which we did.  Nothing like a little competition to get Kevin motivated:)

After we signed the boys up, we decided to go on a few rides before their training began.


One of the boys very favorite shows was the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular.

There is just something about jumping, fighting and fire that these boys enjoy watching.

At Jedi Training, the boys learned how to fight and in the middle of their training, Darth Vader showed up.

Each boy battled and defeated Darth Vader with their force.

Holden and Rylan both received their Jedi Training Certificate at the end which they were so proud.

For dinner, we had reservations at Chef Mickey.

Again, Rylan was in charge of getting the character signatures and he took his job seriously.  Leyton was still a little apprehensive but by the end of dinner, he was loving them.

Once we finished dinner, we decided to head over to Epcot for a few rides to end the night.


Day 4, coming up next....

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