Sunday, April 5, 2015

Day 4:Epcot & Magic Kingdom

Day 4 of our trip we visited Epcot.  But before we visited Epcot, we had reservations at 'Ohana for breakfast.

This was another character meal, but this time with Lilo & Stitch.


Leyton was a little apprehensive again but slowly warmed up.

Since we had visited Epcot the night before, we knew which rides the boys wanted ride.

Leyton absolutely loved the Finding Nemo ride and we went on it over and over again while the older boys rode the bigger rides.

Leyton and I also enjoyed the many beautiful gardens and flowers.


Once we met up with Kevin and the boys, we played on the playground and visited a few countries before headed back to the resort.

Since we have been cooped up this winter the boys were dying to get back to the resort to swim  and who could blame them it is a pretty cool pool.  If you can remember from last summer, Leyton LOVES the water as much as his brothers.  Wilderness Lodge has an entire section of water slides, splash pad just for Leyton's age.

Holden and Rylan like being big brothers and taking him down the slides and I think it is safe to say, Leyton enjoys it too.

Once we were all cleaned up from the pool we headed back over to Magic Kingdom for the night.

Yes, we made the most out of our days at Disney!

Next up, our final day....

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