Thursday, April 9, 2015

Happy Easter!

After we returned from Spring Break, we started our Easter traditions.  We dyed eggs.  I usually do this activity outside because of the mess and thankfully, we had a warm day so I took full advantage of it.

Little did we know that the wind was crazy!  It was blowing everything around, including the eggs!  But we finished dyeing them outside and decided to wait to decorate them the next day.

I bought these cute kits from Target.  One was a Pirate Kit and the other was a Circus.  Rylan loves this type of activity so while Leyton napped, I helped Rylan complete the eggs.  Holden helped a little but mostly it was Rylan who decorated them all.  I thought they turned out great.


On Good Friday, we made Resurrection Rolls.  These are to represent Jesus death, the marshmallow, begin anointed with oil and spices,  and wrapped in cloth and place in the tomb.  After they are cooked you cut them open to represent when they opened the tomb and he was not there.


Leyton enjoyed the marshmallows a little too much!

Saturday morning we had a little Easter breakfast celebration...

Saturday evening, the boys placed out their baskets in hopes that the Easter Bunny would fill them with goodies.  Well, he stopped by and brought all kinds of fun stuff!


Everyone was dressed in their Sunday best for church and they all looked so handsome.  However, trying to get pictures of these three is impossible!!!


Oh, and have I mentioned that Rylan taught Leyton to stick out his tongue?  Well, he did and this little stinker thinks it is hilarious!

Just like his big brother.  Anything for a laugh, but I know we will look back and laugh that these crazy Easter morning pictures, one day right?!


Since it turned out to be a beautiful day, we rode bikes together and enjoyed an Easter Sunday dinner with ham, potatoes, vegetables galore and a family favorite, carrot cake.

Despite all three boys having ear infections, sinus infections and feeling pretty lousy, it was a wonderful Easter including the crazy pictures!  It was a Happy Easter indeed.

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