Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Surprise...We are going to Disney!

Before Christmas, Kevin and I started planning for Spring Break.  We both knew by then we would need to escape the winter weather here.  We went back and forth as to where we should go but then we settled on Walt Disney World.  Why Disney?  Well, the last time we went to Disney was when Holden was 2!  We also knew to get the full excitement of the characters and for the boys to still be in awe of everything, we needed to while they were still young.  As we were planning, we decided it would be fun to surprise the kids.  In other words, we decided not to tell the boys until we were on the way to the airport.  The boys did know we were going somewhere warm because I had to buy shorts but other than that they did not know where we were going.  When we finally told them they were SO EXCITED!!!  And I will admit, it was so fun surprising them! At the airport, these brothers were hand and hand.

Since this was Leyton's first time flying, I packed lots of coloring books, stickers, snacks to fill our time but surprisingly, he did great.

He did get a little restless the last 30 minutes of the flight but other than that he did great.  He spend most of the flight snacking and then the other half watching the sunset through the window.


Once we landed and retrieved our bags we boarded the Disney bus to the resort. We chose Disney's Wilderness Lodge not just because we knew the boys would absolutely love it, which they did, but it was so convenient to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.  With three kids, convenience is a huge factor.

After a day of excitement and travel the boys were out once we were in our room however, Sunday morning were ready for some fun.

From the resort, we boarded a boat to Magic Kingdom...oh, the excitement!

We did Fast Passes for several rides.  After riding Pirates of the Caribbean, we stopped to watch a show.

Both Holden and Rylan were asked to come on stage and received their honorary Pirate Certificate from Jack Sparrow.


After lunch we headed back to the resort so that Leyton could nap while the older boys went swimming.  Once everyone was refreshed, we made our way back to Magic Kingdom for dinner and more rides.

We ate at the Famous Tony's Restaurant.

This was the restaurant that Lady & The Tramp dined.

After dinner, we rode several rides together like Buzz Lightyear and the Race Cars.

As we were leaving Tomorrowland, Leyton spotted The Incredibles.  It was a dance party and Leyton jumped right in.  The pictures are a little blurry but there is no denying he was having a blast.


Kevin took the older boys to ride bigger rides while Leyton and I rode the carousel and watched the Magical Light Parade.

We ended the night with you can see, it was a "magical" first day at Disney.

Day 2 at Animal Kingdom recap, coming up next....

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