Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Weekend Recap...

This past weekend, Holden had his baseball practiced moved from Friday night to Saturday morning. Which meant, we kind of had a free night.  We decided to let Holden cash in on his NCAA Tournament Bracket win.  As a family we have a contest each year to see who will will the NCAA Basketball Tournament and this year it was Holden.  His pick we where we go to dinner as a family.  Out of all of the places, he picks Chick-Fila! Why, because he wanted a milkshake!  Ha, it was a pretty exciting Friday night.

Saturday morning Holden's practice had been moved to Sunday since the fields were still wet.  Well, we took advantage of our springlike temperatures and headed to the zoo.  Well, us and every other person in Madison!

But despite being crowded, we had a fun day.  The boys enjoyed all of the animals.

I love looking from Leyton's view sometime just to see what he thinks.


Leyton loved the giraffes and Holden and Rylan love the tiger.

It was nice to finally be able to get outside, and not freeze!

After Holden's practice on Sunday, he went over to a friends house for the afternoon.

Rylan was out running around with his buddies at the park and Leyton enjoyed some one on one baseball time with his daddy.  It was extremely windy but this little guy did not seem to mind it much.

I just love his expressions.

Not a very exciting weekend but a fun one to say the least.

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