Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Memorial Day Surprise

Sunday it rained ALL day long.  The forecast for Monday, Memorial Day, was much the same.  I knew we had to get out and do something fun or we would all go crazy.  Earlier in the week, Kevin and I had talked about surprising the kids and going to Chicago to see the Cubs play the Nationals but Kevin was not as excited about the idea as I was.  Well, after I told him the weather was suppose to be perfect in Chicago, he quickly got online and bought tickets.   Since this was the boys first time to Wrigley Field, Kevin want to get great seats. We found some on the third baseline, perfect to see one of Holden's favorite players, Bryce Harper.

Monday morning, Kevin ran out and bought donuts for the boys and we announced we were going to the Nationals game in Chicago!

Holden was soooooo excited and Rylan just follows Holden so he was just as excited as well.

The entire drive, it rained!  I started to get nervous about the weather, yikes, was the forecast wrong?!  I knew if it was, I would never hear the end of it.  Just as we drove past the stadium, it started to pour!  Thankfully, it only lasted for a few minutes and as soon as we parked, the clouds parted and the sun came out!  WHOO HOO!


All decked out in their "Bryce Harper" jerseys, {thanks to my niece who sent these while she was interning in Washington} these boys were ready for a ballgame.

Wrigley Field is one of those stadiums that you just have to visit.

Once we found our seats, Holden spotted Bryce! The boys walked down to watch him warm up.  I think Holden was on cloud 9 seeing him this close.


Once the game started, Holden did not move!  Seriously, 9 innings he sat and watch.

On the other hand, Rylan and Leyton ate the entire time.

Between innings, Holden ran down to try to get an autograph but he was not signing them.

But after the 9th inning and a WIN for the Nationals, Holden and Rylan tried once again to get an autograph but they were out of luck but they did get an official Major League baseball from the Nationals!!!  Pretty neat!

Also, for their first time at Wrigley Field, they got certificates documenting this occasion.

What a fun day!  Oh, and the Washington Nationals won 2-1!!!  Kevin's friend Bill lives downtown and met us for the game.  An extra set of hands in a crowd is always helpful.

We could not leave Chicago without indulging in Giordano's!

As we were driving back we asked the boys what they thought about the day, Holden said, "It was AWESOME!" and Rylan, "It was so much fun, can we go again? Next time, Lets sit one row over so I can catch a ball. ok."  HAHA!   The boys have also decided that we need to try to see their other favorite player, Mike Trout, but I am not sure if we can make that happen this season but it is on the "To Do" list.

Such a fun way to spend Memorial Day together.... baseball, boys, and pizza!

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