Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Batter up....

We have been in full swing with baseball this past month.  Practices, games and so forth.  Rylan starts next week so expect lots of cute pictures.  Here is a little recap of this past week of baseball...

Funny how timing works out, Friday night Holden asked to pitch with Kevin and it was probably a good thing because on Saturday, his coach asked him to pitch!

This was Holden's first time pitching and did great and pitched two innings.  He struck two batters out and allowed zero runs in both innings!  Since I know taking pictures would be a distraction for Holden,  I took pictures from a ways back but another mom took some great pictures and shared them with me, I'll post later.  

Hopefully the next tournament I will capture some better ones.

If you are wondering what Rylan and Leyton do all weekend while we are at baseball games, here is a glimpse...Leyton will bat about 3000 times and snacks ALL day while Rylan has quickly become the unofficial bat boy for the team.  Baseball is a family affair.


Holden's team went 4-0 and became Screaming Eagle Champs!

It was a pretty exciting weekend of baseball and do not worry, there is more to come!

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