Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Everyday Joys {Week 20}

A recap of our week...

All dressed up for their Spring concert. {May 14}

 Thank goodness he is cute because one thing is certain, he is the WORST shopping partner ever. {May 15}

Our Saturday was filled with soccer and baseball games.  Holden pitched for the first time this season! Such an exciting but exhausting day! {May 16}

2 games, a rain delay but these boys are Screaming Eagle Tournament Champs! {Yes, that is Rylan in the team picture...he is the unofficial team bat boy}{May 17}

A beautiful sunset after a dreary day. {May 18}

Future baseball player. {May 19}

Leyton is napping and the boys are at school which means, I can finally plant our front door containers.  {May 20}

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