Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

This year was our first Memorial Day in Wisconsin so I thought I would document the weekend.  Friday night Holden had baseball practice so I stayed at home with Rylan and Leyton.  Friday it was warm, as in the temperatures were in the high 70's, and our neighbor pulled out a huge water slide for the kids to play on.  Rylan was so excited he could not wait to get in but once he hit the water, he was in for a was freezing!!!

Leyton jumped right in as well.

The cold temperatures did not damper their fun.


However, after awhile the boys decided they needed to warm up!  I just love how Leyton follows his brothers.

Kevin called me after practice and said they were going out to eat with some teammates.  Holden and Kevin both came home with some funny stories like right after practice 5 boys piled in his car.  Kevin said he wish he would have taken a video because the boys were all dancing,  singing and having the best time! He also said it was completely hilarious.

Saturday, we did a little planting around the house.  Leyton was our big helper.

Our neighbor once again pulled out the water slide and Holden was dying to get in.  His reaction when he hit the water was priceless!

He was in shock of how cold it was but quickly warmed up.  Leyton woke up from his nap and before I could change him, he jumped in the water.

Oh well.  He thought it was hilarious spraying the boys with the water gun and loved going down the slide with his big brother too.

Later that night, we went to one of Holden's teammates house for a cookout.  They have a ton of land and lots of room to run wild!   They each took rides on the 4 wheelers, played basketball, played with their animals and yes, played a little baseball too.

We ended the night with s'mores and three exhausted boys!

Literally, I think they ran around for hours!  Sunday, it rained all day long so we caught with laundry and made plans for Memorial Day, but more on that surprise later.  All and all, it was a fun filled holiday weekend with family and friends.

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