Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spring Concert {School}

It's that time of year...end of the school year activities.  However, school does not end until June 12th here but the activities are in full swing.  Thursday, the boys had their Spring concert.  Don't they look so happy to take pictures?!

Well, Leyton wanted to jump in the middle so here you have our three boys all together.

Holden and Rylan's class performed several songs during the concert.  Holden's class even played their recorders.

I wish I could have taken more pictures but at 7:00, Leyton is pretty much done so trying to keep him occupied and quiet is a job in itself.  I keep reminding myself, this is just a stage in our life.  So these blurred pictures and memories will have to do.

After the concert, we met up with some of the boys friends for ice cream.  It was wild, it was crazy but they all had a blast.  Now,  the countdown to summer break has begun.

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