Thursday, June 25, 2015

Life Lately

Our summer break has begun and we have been pretty busy.  Holden has played lots of baseball.  We were in Chicago for a tournament a couple of weekends ago and then this past weekend we were Indianapolis.

Between the rain, we were able to play a few games.  Poor little Leyton was just wiped out.  However, he was not letting go of his bat!

During one of the morning delays, I took Leyton to this really neat place called "The Urban Chalkboard".  They had live toddler music, dress up, books and lots of neat interactive toys.  If we lived in Indy, I would visit this place often.  Leyton had the best time.


Holden and Rylan went to a UW Badger Football Camp last week.

While they were at camp, Leyton and I visited the zoo.  I think Leyton was loving his one on one time.


Especially not sharing snacks and rides on the carousel.  

Rylan's baseball season is in full swing and he received the "Game Ball" this past week.

He had some amazing hits and great fielding.  He even caught two pop flies!

Tennis lessons began this past week and the boys are loving it.

We joined the library book club and have been working on our reading goals this month...even Mom has a summer reading goal.

Of course we have been spending lots of time at the pool.  Holden loves the water rock wall and zip line, Rylan has turned into a little fish and Leyton has no fear!


Sometimes we take a break from the water to play in the sand.

And when we just want to stay around the house, it's water gun fights for these three.


So, that is our life lately, lots of baseball and fun outside!

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