Wednesday, July 8, 2015

4th of July Weekend

Originally, we had plans to go to Tennessee for the 4th of July weekend but after looking at the weather forecast and Kevin just returning from Minnesota, we decided to delayed our trip until later this month.

Which meant, we had no plans for the weekend.  Absolutely, nothing planned.  Yikes!  So we looked at our "Summer of Fun" list and found some ideas.  Thursday it was a little cool in the morning so we decided to visit Cave of the Mounds.  This is a National Landmark in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin.  Holden has been asking to go for awhile now and this was right up his alley.  We got our tickets and began our tour and for the first 30 minutes Leyton was great but then he wanted to run.

So I spent the next 30 minutes keeping his hands off the cave since the oils in our skin will stop the crystallization process.  All the time Holden was listening intently.  Once we were out of the cave we took our bags of sand/gems and sifted in the stream.  This was so much fun.

The boys reached ended up with some pretty neat gems and one that even looked like a tooth.

The grounds were beautiful with several different hiking trails.

On our way back home we passed through an area called the Trollway that had several Trolls all over the city.  I do not know why the call it that but some of the wood carvings were amazing just like this one.

Friday we went on a long family bike through town.  We watched several planes take off at our local runway and ended up stopping for pizza with the kids.  It was a lot of fun.  Later we took the kids to the Mallards baseball game.  This is an amateur baseball team where college kids come from all of the US to play in the summer.  The kids did the zipline, played in the sandbox, jumped in the bounce houses and played games before the baseball game began.

Almost like our beloved Prasco Park in Ohio but honestly, nothing can compare to Prasco Park it was just phenomenal and we all miss it but this was close.  Once the game began the boys were all into it.

  Holden and Rylan tried to get a ball and Rylan was luck and a player tossed him one and we walking out of the stands with Leyton, a foul ball was hit and Kevin caught it for Holden.  2 game balls in one game! You would think after all the baseball we have had the last couple of weeks the boys would be tired of it but no, Leyton is still wearing his helmet and glove everywhere.

The Mallards won in the 12 inning after a player from Vanderbilt hit the game winning double with bases loaded.  Not only was it the game winning hit but it was this players first hit of the season!

It was exciting and his teammates doused him with the water cooler.


After the game, Holden stood at the gate to high five the players.

Once the field was cleared, they had live music and fireworks.

It was such a fun night we will be back again for another game soon.

4th of July we cooked out and went to a neighbors for some fireworks before shooting off our own.

As always the boys loved the big boom of the fireworks.

Sunday we went to church in the morning and then spent the afternoon at Dolphins Cove.  Nothing like topping the weekend off with fun in the sun.

So for our first official 4th of July in Wisconsin, it was not too bad considering we had nothing planned.  The weather was beautiful and we had a ton of fun celebrating our freedom as a family.   Happy 4th of July!

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