Friday, July 31, 2015

A couple of days in the Dells

Now that baseball has ended, we decided to take a few days and head to the Dells.  The Wisconsin Dells are about and hour from where we live and is known as "The Water Capital of the World".  In other words, it is a lot of water parks.   Not sure why this is in Wisconsin since it is not that warm but it is.

Before we checked into the resort, we stopped at the famous Buffalo Phil's.  This restaurant delivers your drinks and food via a toy train.  The kids loved this!

Once we ate, we checked in to the resort for some water fun.

Our first night we stayed at Wilderness Territory.  They ave 4 indoor waterparks and 4 outdoor waterparks.  All of the boys loved the slides and different themes to each water park on the property.  Here is a glimpse of our day.  Leyton and I called it a night while Kevin and the boys played laser tag.


Day 2, we checked into Kalahari.  This resort has an African Theme with animals and jungles.  This resort has only one indoor waterpark and one outdoor waterpark.  Not as big as Wilderness, but just as much fun.  Rylan attempted to surf and did pretty well.  Leyton was a slide king with no fear and Holden....has not fear and loves the thrill of big water slides and such.

Again that night the older boys went out with Kevin and played mini golf and laser tag.  Lovable Leyton was OUT!  The water exhausted him so much that he did not even last for dinner!


So even though I am not a huge waterpark fan, the kids had a blast and there was something for everyone, including Leyton.  Another item marked off our summer fun list.

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