Friday, July 17, 2015

Our day in pictures.....

Summer is just flying by!  We have been busy with camps but really have been enjoying our care free days.  Just for our memory books I would document one of our days in pictures.  I wish I would have had my real camera but my cell phone pictures will just have to do.  So here we go....

Both Holden and Rylan are signed up for a Lego camp Monday - Thursday this week and really have enjoyed making unusual creations.  Once I picked up the boys from camp, we noticed a huge line forming behind a Tree-Ripe Truck.  Well, we joined in!  After 20 minutes in line we walked away with a bushel of Georgia Peaches!!!

Let me tell you, it was worth the wait!  This same truck will be back in our area in a few weeks with Georgia peaches and Michigan blueberries.  You better believe we will be waiting in line once again.

I dropped the peaches off at home before heading to the nature trail.


As we were walking and admiring the path, we spotted 2 deer playing in the stream!  At this point, I wished I had brought my real camera but instead, we just stopped and admired these beauties.


 Holden wanted to get a closer look but the deer crossed over the path and went back into the woods.  We continued to walk and honestly I think we could have gone longer but it was close to nap time and Leyton decided to hop a ride with his brothers.  These three are loud and fuss with one another but also love each other dearly.


After naps, we headed to the "beach" lake.  Leyton played in the sand,

we buried Rylan,

Holden searched for fish,

we all played in the water and somehow this little guy found a clam.

It was a rather calm and beautiful day at the lake.  Sometimes its just nice to have a different view for a few hours to really enjoys these days of craziness.

So there you have it, our day in photos.  Next time, I will try to remember my camera to document these moments.

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