Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Saturday morning with the Mallards

 I am sure you know by now that I am always looking for opportunities for the kids to get out and do something fun.  Well, when I saw a flyer offering a free clinic with the Mallards Baseball team, I signed the boys up.  Not really knowing what to expect, we arrived early.  I was actually surprised that it was not packed considering it was free.  After living here for a couple of months, I  think baseball is just not a huge sport here.  Bu that is ok, more one on one time for our boys and the players. Since we were early, Holden and Rylan warmed up with some players while Leyton looked on.


Once the clinic began they divided up into different age groups depending on age.  Rylan's group began with hitting and Holden's group began with pitching.

Leyton found the sandbox and was completely content for awhile.

Towards the end of the clinic the boys played a wiffle ball game with the players, which was fun to watch.


Leyton stepped onto the field to "pretend" he was playing...it was his own field of dreams.


One of the Mallards players came over to talk to Leyton and they became instant friends.  He ran around the bases with Leyton and even slide into home base.  Too cute.

The boys, including Leyton, had a great morning with the Mallards.  We will definitely be back for a game and maybe another clinic as well.

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