Monday, August 31, 2015

Holden's 10th Birthday!

Holden turns 10, Double Digits!  Crazy, I feel like he was just born.  Now he is a soon to be 4th grader and officially a 10 year old!  To commemorate this big event, we had a fun filled day of celebrating.  We started out the day of celebration with our traditional birthday waffles and presents.

Don't you just love the bedheads!

We typically have house parties but this year Holden really wanted a Rock wall/Trampoline party.  So since he is the birthday boy, I did not try to steer him a different direction.  This was such an easy party since the only outside food we could bring in were sweets, such as cake, cookies and so forth.   Going with the rock wall theme, I made a rock wall cake.


I made rock wall cookies for treat bags to take home.


As far as decorating, I put some rope on the tables, edible rocks and licorice ropes.

The party consisted of lots of boys running around!  They played dodgeball, basketball and jumped.


Holden loves climbing rock walls and can make it to the top of every single one but his friends were not as into climb as he was so it was back to jumping and playing.


Rylan shares the same passion of climbing with Holden and scaled each course.


Even Leyton got to climb!  He is a little dare devil and loved it.


After lots of jumping we stopped for cake, cookies and ice cream.


Lots of laughs, sweets and sweaty boys make for a great 10th birthday!

Happy 10th Birthday Holden!!