Thursday, August 13, 2015

A visit to Sassy Cow Dairy Farm

This past week we have been checking off activities on our "Summer Fun List".  One of our activities was to visit a dairy farm.  Well, what better dairy farm to visit than Sassy Cow.  The boys love their milk and especially their ice cream.

We visited with the goats and the baby calf "Holly".  Rylan and Leyton could not get enough of the animals but Holden was a little hesitant but quickly fell in love with the baby calf.

The boys raced on mini tractors which provided lots of laughs.

We toured and watched ice cream being made and packaged before enjoying our own ice cream.


Somehow we beat the rain and were able to enjoy a fun morning at Sassy Cow.  I think these three can agree their ice cream is the best.

Just a few weeks left to finish our "Summer Fun List" and lots of fun memories to be made before we head back to school.


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