Friday, August 7, 2015

Everyday Joys {Week 31}

It seems that summer break is just flying by!  Trying to take in our carefree days as much as possible.  Here is a reacp of our week....

The Tree Ripe Citrus Truck was back in our area this morning for one last summer delivery.  We stood in line and were able to get Georgia Peaches, Georgia Pecans and Michigan Blueberries!  Oh how I love summer produce.  {July 30}

Skipping rocks is always a good idea. {July 31}

Cheering on the Mallards with their duck calls.  {I may be rethinking purchasing these jewels...since the boys have not stopped blowing them since we bought them!}{August 1}

Our garden is growing like crazy! This is not even half of what we picked this morning!  I actually can not believe how much it has produced this season.  I am planning on freezing lots of herbs for this winter with this stash.  {August 2}

The boys received free tickets to the Mallards game for completing the summer reading program at the library.  Tonight we cashed our tickets in for a fun night with friends.  They won t-shirts, gave high fives to players, zip lined and oh yes, did the chicken dance.  {August 3}


Don't even think about touching my ice cream.  {August 4}

A family walk after dinner at Pope Farm Conservatory.  The weather was beautiful and the sunflowers were amazing! {August 5}

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