Thursday, August 6, 2015

Our visit to Tennessee

After postponing our trip to Tennessee we finally made the drive last weekend.

Holden and Rylan always love going to my Grandaddy's to visit.  I think they enjoy having so many people to visit and play with.  When we finally arrived, the kids needed to get out and run around and play a little baseball too.  My Grandaddy sat outside and watched the kids run around and said, "I ain't never seen a kid his age hit the baseball like that."  Referring to Leyton.  I just laughed because yes, Leyton can really hit the ball, for a 2 year old.

After dinner we decided to take the kids to the Truck Pull in town.  I have not been to a Truck/Tractor Pull in years.  The kids did not know what to expect but once they found a spot on the fence, they thought it was pretty cool but really loud!

My sister and her family made the trip to Covington to visit us too.  Allie brought her new puppy and lets just say Rylan and Leyton were obsessed!  Especially Rylan.  He carried that poor puppy everywhere.

We visited Grandaddy's garden and helped pick some okra.

To beat the heat, we did lots swimming.  Living in Wisconsin this past year, we have not really ad any heat to deal with so this was nice not being cold at the pool but a little shocking at how HOT it really was however, it is Tennessee in July.


Sunday we had a family fish fry.  My cousin Paul Roy was in charge of cooking while the kids ran around playing kick ball and a woffal ball game with cousins.


Lots of people, but lots of fun memories.  After dinner we were back out swimming one last time.  Leyton became extremely brave and jumped off the diving board, again, and again.  No wonder the boys never want to leave.  It's like a constant party.


Our visits to Tennessee always seem not long enough but we are already planning our next visit this fall.    


Until then, lots of fun memories to reminisce on our long drive back to Canada, I mean Wisconsin.    

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