Monday, August 17, 2015


This week we had our annual "Parkapolozza".  This is where I pack a cooler full of snacks, lunch and we visit different parks all day long.  Sounds crazy but it is so much fun.  We have 4 parks in our neighborhood and several in our village but I decided not to go to parks that we visit all the time.  I mean how fun would that be?  Our first park was a Dream park in Cottage Grove.

The boys loved the Medieval Theme.  Just look at how cute this wooden park is.

The boys climbed and had their very own "American Ninja Warrior" contest!


Oh these kids will think of anything.  Leyton made his way to the sandbox which was not a surprise!


Our second park was another Dream Park but the boys called this one the dragon park because of the serpent in the front of the park.


This park was crowded with a daycare but we made the most of it.  Holden kept a close eye on Leyton so he did not get run over by the other kids at the park.  Which having another helping hand really helped.

Rylan watched some people fishing and was green with envy.  Fishing is still on our summer fun list which I need to plan to do soon.

We decided to take a break before heading to the next park for lunch.

It was pretty warm on Thursday so our next stop was the splash park.   You may remember this park from last year, it was a big hit especially for Leyton.


Leyton was running through the water and having the best time.  Holden and Rylan battled with the horse water guns and the windmill sprayer.

Then these two twins took a break to warm up.

It was lots and lots of fun.


Next stop was the "Castle Park".  I did not capture too many pictures because Leyton was trying to run after this kite.


We stopped at more more small park on the west side before making our final stop of the day at Menchies for ice cream.

Such a simple day of playing at the park but this is one day the boys look forward to this each year.  They are already trying to convince me into doing one more Parkapolozza before school starts back.  These three are very convincing!

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