Monday, August 24, 2015

We are off to the races!

One thing we miss about living in Ohio is that we were so close to Kentucky.  Every spring we would make a trip down to Keeneland to see the horse races.  We have such fun memories of the boys placing their bets and winning several times.  When I was searching for activities to go in Chicago, I came across Arlington Race Track.

This was one of the top racing venues in the United States and not too far from us.  We decided to make a day trip to see the races.  We arrived early so the boys could enjoy the KidsZone.  They had pony rides which all three boys loved and rode over and over again!

A petting zoo with lots of animals for Rylan to love on and games.

We grabbed a bite to eat but once the races began we were right at the fence to get the best view.  These horses are beautiful and majestic.

We walked down to the Paddock to see the horse and jockeys before making our final picks.  

Holden won the first race, as you can see, he was pretty excited!

I ended up winning the final race with my pick as well.  It was our lucky day!

It was a day filled with pony rides, races and a couple of winning bets!

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