Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Adventure Monday

This past Monday the boys were out of school so I scheduled Rylan's 7 year well check and flu shots for all three.  Yes, I know that is what they wanted to do on their day off of school but it had to be done.  After the trauma of shots, I promised we would go to a farm, and that is just what we did.  We visited a new farm called Eugster's Farm.  I read that this was a petting farm and one that was hands on so I thought it would be fun.  When we first arrive Leyton ran straight over to the tractors.

(We used to have a little tractor that was similar to these but in this last move something happened to the wheels and it just was not able to be fixed.  But Leyton loved these so maybe Santa will remember this item this year. )  Leyton went from small tractors to big ones, then he was off running again to milk the cow.  

We bought bottles to feed the baby goats and the boys absolutely loved this.  Rylan especially! He just has a love for animals.


We visited the pumpkin patch, played on the swings, and even ran through the corn maze.


Leyton and I decided to wait on the boys after they wanted to go again.


This farm had great climbing trees and actually allowed the kids to climb.


We picked a few apples from the orchard before calling it a day.


We still have a few more farms we want to visit this season before the weather turns too cold to enjoy.  

However right now, we can not complain to much and plan on enjoying as much as we can.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Everyday Joys {Week 38}

Here's a recap of our week....

A beautiful sunset.  {September 17}

Friday night football.  {September 18}

I am a sucker for a cute farmers market.  {September 19}

Let the apple picking begin.  {September 20}

Meet our new pet Camo.  {September 21}

While I was at the gym working out, I peeked into see Leyton at "Little Yogis" and it was to cute.  {September 22}

The first day of fall and bright new mums.  {September 23}

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Apple Picking!

Sunday after church we visited the apple orchard.  This year we tried a new one called Door Creek Orchards.

It was beautiful.  I look forward to apple picking each year not just for the apples but it also is a sign that fall is right around the corner.  They had a ton of varieties of apples and they were gorgeous.


We each got a bag to fill.  Leyton did a little more tasting than he did picking but thats ok.


We needed someone to make sure they were good.  We tried to get a little of each before headed over to the u-pick grapes.


We've never picked grapes before so I thought this was pretty neat the boys on the other hand were too busy chasing down frogs.  And some how this little guy made it home with us along with lots of apples.


I am sure we will have plenty of apple recipes these next couple of weeks!