Friday, September 4, 2015

Back to School {2015}

Summer break has come to a closed and school is back in session.  Last year was a year of transitions  with us moving and a new school but this year the boys seemed a little more at ease with going back to school.  

The first day of school is always a family affair.  I knew the first day was going to be hard on Leyton, over the summer he became pretty attached to the boys being at home.  While I was getting ready to take pictures of Holden and Rylan, Leyton packed his own backpack and squeezed himself into the pictures.  

Holden is in 4th Grade this year.  Hard to believe.

Rylan is in 1st Grade this year.

And little bit is just a busy 2 year old.

To start the year off right we gave their teachers flowers and cookies to sweeten the first day.

We walked the boys to their classrooms and after we got Holden settled he walked back to his room for his first day.


Rylan walked into his class and was excited to begin his day.


Leyton made himself right at home in Rylan's class.  As we were leaving school Leyton got a little sad and was asking "Where's Holden, Where's Rylan" all day.

Finally it was time to pick up the boys and Leyton was pretty excited to see them.


We celebrated a successful first day of school with a big "First Day of School" cookie.


Praying for a great year of learning and sweet memories.  

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