Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rylan turns 7 with a Little Slugger Birthday Party!

Rylan's 7th birthday was last Wednesday, on the 9th of September.  We started our morning out with birthday waffles and presents.

He seemed really excited about everything including bring treats for school.  We decided on donuts and I added a little red so that they looked like baseballs.

Around 10:00, I got a call from school letting me know that Rylan was not feeling well and was running a fever.  This is how he spent the remainder of his birthday...asleep on the couch.

Not fun at all.  Thankfully, his birthday party was not until Sunday, so he had plenty of time to get better.  Much to our surprise, this was only a 24 hour bug but I kept him home the remainder of the week to be sure.  By Sunday, he was ready to party.   Rylan decided he wanted a baseball party similar to the one we did for Holden a few years ago in Ohio.  Seemed easy enough.  Plus Rylan loves baseball.

Can you believe this little guy is 7?!

I can not!  I was thinking back and remembered, I started blogging about our family when he was 3 weeks old!  Funny how fast time is just flying by.  Anyways, back to the party and our birthday boy.  We rented a shelter and a baseball diamond for his birthday so that we could play an actual game of baseball.

There was a little fence climbing before we split the kids into teams so that everyone could a chance to bat and run the bases.


Even little Leyton.  (If you are wondering, he dressed himself and would not change.   We decided just to let him be.  This is his version of a baseball uniform.)

Rylan was having a blast helping kids with bats and putting them in batting order.

Once the kids worked up and appetite we stopped for a "concession" break.   We served baseball food, hotdogs, chips, watermelon and gatorade.

Rylan asked for a baseball cake and cookies.  So I made lots of both and a few cupcakes as well.  On the way over to set up a few of the cupcakes got smushed but it all worked out.

For treat bags, I made bags of Big League Chew and stickers.


All of his friends signed his birthday game ball before heading out to play kick ball while I set up cake and ice cream.


The weather was beautiful and the birthday boy was as happy as he could be.


He loved celebrating with friends, playing a baseball game and eating lots of treats!  A perfect way to celebrate this 7 year old!

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