Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sunday at Enchanted Valley Farms

Sunday after church we took advantage of the beautiful fall weather and visited Enchanted Valley Farms.  This farm had tons of activities such as rolling in a huge round cylinder.

The boys could not get enough of this!  They had barrel horses, pumpkin bowling, a corn play pit, farmer golf, corn maze, and lots and lots of slides.

Including this massive 200 foot slide that came straight out of the woods!  It was so much fun!


We rode this slide several times but somehow the boys always made their way back to the big rolling cylinders.

Kevin and Leyton went on a hayride while I watch the boys roll and roll again.

This farm did not have many pumpkins but they had some really neat gourds.

We all know that this perfect fall weather will not last so we are taking advantage of every last minute of it.  Such a fun Sunday on the farm.  

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Family Fun Night

Friday night was our school's Family Fun Night.  Let me just tell you, these three were super excited to wear their costumes.  This years players.

The kids decided they wanted to be their favorite football players so we just went with that.  Holden was O'dell Beckham Jr., Rylan was Jamal Charles and Leyton was a little Ole Miss Rebel.

Lots of posing and acting like they scored a touchdown before we left for the event.

The weather was not exactly the best so most of the events had been moved inside but the kids still had fun running around with their friends, eating and lots of dancing.

Rylan and Leyton were both doing the "whip" which was hilarious to watch.

The night ended with a costume parade and more dancing.  


Even though we have a couple of days until Halloween, I can already feel the excitement for Halloween night.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Rylan's last soccer game

Rylan's last soccer game was this past Monday.  They had to switch all games from Saturday to Monday night because of an event and I was so happy they did.  The weather was beautiful on Monday.

Rylan was full of speed for his last game.  He made several goals and really played defense the entire time.

One thing about Rylan's personality is... he never gives up.

He was right in the thick of things getting the ball.  There were several players who could not make it Monday so Rylan played the entire game and had a blast doing so.  Just look at this determination!  HAHA!  Lots of smiles and laughs on his final game as we wrap up another soccer season.