Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Basketball Season has begun!

Basketball season has begun.  Back in the fall Holden tried out for competitive basketball league and made the team.  We were all a little surprised and excited.  We were surprised that Holden made the team seeing that basketball is not one of Holden's best sports and the fact that he did not even practice before his tryout!  When it came time for Holden's first practice we were all a little shocked at how tall all the kids are!  There are two or three that are already taller than me!  But Holden went into the first practice nervous and came out with a ton of confidence.  His coach played college basketball and is the nicest guy.  He is out there playing with the boys and showing them what to do as opposed to yelling when they are not doing something correct.  Honestly, I think he has learned more in the past month than he has in all the years of playing basketball for fun.   Holden had three games the first weekend and then this past weekend, he had three more.  These boys played super hard are have won every game thus far.  It has been an exciting two weekends filled with basketball.

I am sure I will have more updates and pictures in the upcoming weeks but right now we are so proud of Holden accomplishments and hard work.

I never thought I would say it but I kind of like watching basketball....or at least for now.

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