Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

Typically we travel on Thanksgiving but this year we opted to stay here.  Holden has been sick with walking phenomena for the past two weeks and Rylan has been off and on with a cold.  It was probably the best decision that we stay at home.

Thanksgiving morning Rylan woke up with a fever and he spent most of the morning on the couch while I cooked.

The weather was less than ideal, it was cold and rainy.  But we made the most of our day, resting, eating and watching football.

Since it was just the 5 of us, we decided to have Thanksgiving dinner in the kitchen.  We shared lots of food, champagne (apple cider) and lots of laughs together.

We are most thankful for these three wild turkeys!


Friday every one seemed to be feeling better so we headed down town to the Edgewater for ice skating however, once we got there, they had closed the ice skating rink due to all the rain on Thanksgiving Day.


Aggg, the kids were not happy with me.  So we made our way inside and enjoyed some hot cocoa and crafts.  Since we were already downtown, we rode trolley and enjoyed the sights.

At least the day was not a complete bust.  Later that night we decided to go to the Christmas Fire Truck Parade.....again not the best decision of the day.  The website said the parade began at 5:15, however, it did not begin until almost 6:00!  We were all completely FROZEN!  Even Leyton kept saying "I am freezing, I go home."  Again another fail idea!

I really was not doing great with my fun ideas!  At this point, the boys told me they missed Ohio and wanted to move back....sigh.

Saturday morning we woke up with a clear slate.  Rylan started running a fever again so he spent the day resting while I took Holden and Leyton ice skating with Santa.


Thankfully this was a hit.  Holden had a blast skating with friends and I tried to teach Leyton how to ice skate.  Let's just say teaching a two {almost} 3 year old how to skate is a lot of work but so much fun!


Sunday morning started off a little crazy but I will save that story for another day!   My cousin Clay and his wife Joyce were in town from New York visiting her family that live here in Madison.  After church they came over with her family to visit for a while.  The kids had fun playing together and we had a great time catching up.

{Picture via Clay}

Well, that was our Thanksgiving weekend.  Not exactly how we had planned but it was still filled with thankful hearts and blessing.

As we head into December and the Advent season, I am reminded of this quote from a few years ago,

" Joy comes to us in ordinary moments.  We risk missing out on joy when we get to busy chasing down the extraordinary."

This time of year can be so busy and stressful that we often miss the reason for the season.  I think quote is a great reminder to slow down and enjoy this magical time with our little family.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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